And other questions I hate my kids asking.

My kids are in primary school. I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to build the Madre business around school hours and that I can be at the school gate most days to collect them.

The downside? Being greeted with (a) a long and complicated explanation as to why there is so much food left in their lunchboxes or (b) being asked my most loathed question ‘what’s for dinner?’

Internally I seethe thinking to myself how I’d like to be greeted ‘Hi Mum. How are you? Did you have a good day?’ Outwardly, I sigh, tell them what’s for dinner that night and brace myself for their objections.

I can’t remember exactly when I started feeling so much resentment in being asked what we are having for dinner. I love exploring new foods and trying out new dinner ideas. Even so, the feeling of duty and responsibility every day to think of something nutritious, interesting and appealing to a family of four all with different tastes is at times exhausting.

I have a scatter-gun approach. If I have the time I will hunt in the fridge or pantry for something that can be the basis of a meal and go from there (yesterday I found some black beans so tonight we’ll have taco’s – spicy black beans for the adults and a mild pork filling for the kids).

Some days I’ll be recipe testing or taking photos for the website so that will be our dinner. But often when time isn’t on my side I’ll see what I have stashed in the freezer (it’s often bolognaise or chicken schnitzel that I’ve made in bulk and frozen).

My organised friends will meal plan a week in advance and shop and cook to that plan. I salute these people and I aspire to one day have their level of organisation.